Essay about The And Agent Orange During World War II

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Napalm and Agent Orange, two of the most morally terrifying weapons used in the mid to late 1900’s. These destructive weapons were most famous in the Vietnam War for inflicting fatal wounds and even deformities. In World War II, napalm was mostly used in tanks and incendiary bombs to destroy enemy ground troops. Napalm was one of the weapons that help win World War II. These were extremely effective and later used in planes like bombers. The word napalm comes from the combination of naphthene and palmitate, which are powdered aluminum soap. It was invented in a top-secret 1942 war research collaboration between Harvard University and the U.S. government, used to devastating effect in Europe and the Pacific in World War II most notably to incinerate 64 of Japan’s largest cities and in most major military conflicts after 1945, notably in Korea and Vietnam (Thompson). In Korea, when the American troops used napalm, the horrors and fear it brought to the North Korean troops cause them to surrender in great masses. Agent Orange was later introduced in the Vietnam War. In the Vietnam War, the Vietnamese people there started with little of anything to begin with. The Northern people of Vietnam joined communism because they were promised equal wealth for all and no one will starve. When the Americans used Napalm and Agent Orange to destroy their food supplies, the Vietcong executed the only rational action they thought at the time. This action was to defend the country and destroy…

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