The Analysis of the Big Bang Theory Essay

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Characters: Dr. Leonard Hofstadter: played by Johnny Galecki. The character also works at Cal Tech and performs research under theoretical and experimental physic. Dr. Rajesh Koothrappali: Played by Simon Helberg Howard Wolowiz: Played by Kunal Navyar Analysis: The Big Bang Theory is a sitcom about the four male characters that lack of normal social skills, but they are very intelligent. The name of the show refers to two different meanings. The first one is about the beginning of the universe starting with a big bang, and the second meaning is about men that want to get laid. The show is popular for several reasons, but the main reason is because sitcoms remain popular cultural position by being sarcastic and comedy. …show more content…
Although he has a very high IQ, he also possesses womanlike qualities. Sheldon may represent “Them”, but everyone has faults and so does Sheldon.
According to Gender Role Behaviors and Attitues by Aron Devor, two familiar terms that are used by the society to identity a person by gender are “femininity” and “masculinity”. These two terms can be seen as mirror image of each other because masculinity usually characterizes dominance and aggression. Femininity characterizes passivity and submission. The main character Dr. Sheldon Cooper is a mixed example of these two terms. Sheldon is masculine because he is very determent, and he always demands others to do stuffs for him instead of asking them. For instance, he forces Leonard to wake up early in the morning because he wants to do the emergency drill, and he does not care whether Leonard has work later, or he is tired. On the other hand, Sheldon also portrays femininity characteristics because he is very clean, organize, and he does not drive. This whole episode mainly revolves around Sheldon’s passivity and submission because Sheldon tries so hard to get a ride to the dentist and be friend with Leonard again. Compared to other male characters in the show, Sheldon is the only one that seems to portray both masculine, femininity, and Geek characteristics. That is why Sheldon is the most awkward character in the show because he purely represents “Them”.
On the other hand, Penny character represents “Us”,

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