The American Health Care System Essay

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A person admitted to a health care facility expects to receive medical and nursing care appropriate to his or her particular illness (DeSpelder & Strickland, 2010). In the American health care system, a dying patient is shaped by rules, regulations, and conventions written and unwritten. A patient’s experience in the system is also based on the health care coverage that is provided by the government to assist them during their illnesses. In certain situations that involve dying patients, the goal must not be to simply provide expert medical care to an individual patient, but to help give voice and connection and meaning to a family. The family of a dying patient must be relegated to a deathwatch in the corridor or the waiting room down the hall. Our health care system is so focused toward the goal of sustaining patients’ lives that it sometimes falls short in meeting the needs of dying patients and their families. In spite of the rising health care costs that provide the illusion of improving health care, the American people do not enjoy good health, compared with their counterparts in the industrialized nations. Among thirteen countries including Japan, Sweden, France and Canada, the U.S. was ranked 12th, based on the measurement of 16 health indicators such as life expectancy, low-birth-weight averages and infant mortality (Starfield, 2000). In another comparison reported by the World Health Organization that used a different set of health indicators, the U.S.…

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