Essay on The American Dream

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The American Dream is getting closer and closer to a “dream” than reality. But it has

changed dramatically. So much that it can hardly be called the American Dream anymore. The

promise of being healthy, and also being able to see the best doctors in the world is an important

part of our identity as a nation; however, not every American can afford the promise of health

care. We as a nation have always been proud of having the desired freedom. Health care being

one of them. Every nation in the world give its citizens health care in a kind, but the United

States of America the proudest country in the world with all its powers isn’t able to provide

healthcare for its citizens. Over time, a uniquely American system of health care that leverages

competition and the best of medical science should be able to deliver superior health outcomes,

universal coverage, and more innovation than single-payer systems, and it should be able to do

so at comparable levels of costs as a proportion of national income.

“The ideals of freedom, equality, and opportunity traditionally held to be

available to every American,” this is what reveals about the American dream. A

tiny bit of insight can easily tell just anyone how far are we from that definition. The American

Dream is still alive as we head into 2017, thanks to the true Americans and who work recklessly

so we can hold our heads upright proudly, but it has been changed to correspond to our lifestyles.


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