Essay on The American Dream

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Many complex series of institutions come together and support immigration from South America to North America. Some examples of social institutions seen in this film are family, religion, economy, law, and military. The basic needs of these families are not met and it becomes a necessity to flee to American. Families and friends shared tips and knowledge with one another to help each other take on the journey and be successful on the path to the American dream, the chance to provide their basic needs. The film highlights groups of men passing on information about checkpoints and roads to stay away from, tips on what food to carry and how to survive along the treacherous path. Crossing the river knowledge is passed on as a man explains to a group of how to strip down and place all of your belonging in a plastic bag, fill the bag with air, and tie off with a shoestring that you can then attach to yourself. The importance of getting a feel for the current and temperature is shared and discussed amongst the group. Religion was also important to the immigrants as we saw many safe houses set up by Catholic churches. Offering shelter, food, clothing, and medicine to travelers these safe houses prove to be vital to the success of many migrants, sometimes housing 20 to 40 people at a time. The economy was also benefiting as we saw it being boosted from the immigrants spending money along the way. Many points along the way we were shown known crossings, roads and paths that law just…

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