The American Constitution Of 1876 Essay

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Our founding fathers wrote the U.S. Constitution in a period of time where they wanted to design a document limiting the power of the government and decrease the potential of officials abusing the power given. When comparing all of the Texas Constitutions, one aspect they all have in common is that it limits the government and were all influenced by Jacksonian Democracy. The current document by which Texas governs is the Texas Constitution of 1876. It is the sixth in Texas history not including the Mexican Constitution. You could assume by all these documents there were plenty of provisions or rejection in the past because maybe it needed change or improvement. If I had absolute power to change one aspect of our system of government in Texas, I would add to Article IV, section 4, “No Governor shall be elected to office more than twice”, to increase a connection with constituents and avoid corruption. Notably a connection with constituents is vital if the Governor of Texas would like to be re-elected. The longest governor who served three terms was Rick Perry. It’s possible to think that some thought he over stayed his welcome even though he was re-elected by the voter’s multiple times. However, that is something I think that should be avoidable. Nobody elected in office should be able to stay for as long as the people elect them. I know that sounds a bit off, but I believe people grew accustomed to Rick Perry. After his first term of serving he was an incumbent who had the…

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