Essay on The American Civil War And Slavery

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Thesis: Although many believe the American Civil War morality slavery directly triggered slavery, the outbreak was truly stemmed from economic differences between the North and South coupled with a weak central government. In 1787, the Constitutional Convention passed the ineffective Three-Fifths Compromise exasperated the existing tensions between the agrarian South and industrial North. Tensions first erupted when the South demanded that slaves to be counted as a full person. The South’s primary motivation for such demand was due to fact that they were largely agricultural society that required many slaves to work on their vast plantation. A greater population consisting of masters and slaves would increase southern representation in both the House and in the Electoral College (Estes 225). Northern industrial states opposed the South’s request as it would leave them at a political disadvantage. Their industrial society did not have the high slave population the South had. They also relied heavily on tariffs on slaves, which the Southern states opposed. Delegates, Jason Wilson and Roger Sherman proposed the compromise that feebly resolved the issued. Article 1, Section 2 of the United States Constitution states that representatives and directed taxes shall be determined “by adding the whole Number of Freed Persons” with “those bound to Service of Term of Years..three-fifths of all other Persons.” Although the North was granted the tariffs that they desired, they were…

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