The American And French Guns Essay

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The British had two redoubts that needed to be captured; these were the targets of the American and French guns. While the bombardment continued, the American and French Armies continued to dig parallel lines that would become closer and closer to the British lines. On October 10th, realizing the dire situation he was in, Cornwallis began to sink more than a dozen of his ships in the harbor to prevent their capture. He also received word from New York City that the British fleet would depart on October 12th to attempt to break the siege, but Cornwallis responded by saying that he would not be able to hold out for long. “By October 12th the British troops were aboard the warships and ready to leave New York. The next day, just before the ships were supposed to set sail, a huge storm hit New York harbor. The storm delayed the fleet’s departure by a few crucial days” (Fradin, 33). By October 14, the trenches of the American and French Armies were within 150 yards of redoubts number 9 and 10. Ready confirms, “On October 14, Washington ordered an attack on two British redoubts separated from the town’s main defense” (36). These two redoubts were the last outer defensive positions of the British Army. The redoubts must be captured, and by the capture, they would all but force the surrender of the British Army, as they would now be in an indefensible position. The Americans would attack redoubt 10. Seventy British Soldiers held it. The French would attack redoubt 9. One…

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