Essay on The Amateur Athletic Union ( Aau )

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Reader, Nick
TA – Heidi Hong
AMST 101, Section: [Friday, 9:00 AM]

Throughout this process I have learned a lot about high school basketball and how it relates to race and class in Los Angeles. I set out to research the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) basketball scene in Los Angeles and identify issues of race and class within it. As a team manager for the USC basketball team, I have great interest in basketball and wanted to learn more about the sport I love and how it relates to this class.

I knew that many high school basketball players play on AAU teams in addition to their high school team in order to sharpen their skill set and compete against other top talent. However, in order to learn more about the relationship between race and class in Los Angeles and AAU basketball, I first had to learn more about AAU basketball.

I first spoke with former AAU basketball player Zach Dupont who works in the video and film division of the Marist College basketball program. While Dupont is not in Los Angeles, he was able to give me some general background information on AAU basketball. Dupont saw a lot of funny business occurring in AAU basketball. He stated, “My AAU team was okay and didn 't have very many kids who were big time recruits. Because of this we were not sponsored and had to pay for our shoes, uniforms and travel expenses. Many other AAU programs are sponsored by apparel companies like Nike, Adidas and Under Armour and don’t have to pay for anything. It 's a…

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