The Alchemist Essay

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01 November 2012

The Alchemist
Foreshadowing or first obstacle helps to identify, or gives a hint (idea) of what the problem of the story is. Paolo Coelho has several foreshadowing events in the Alchemist; for example, the scene in which Santiago relates his dream to the gypsy, regarding the Egyptian pyramids. The dream itself is an indication of a foreshadowing event. It indicates the events that eventually will occur through the book, ‘’gives a taste of the problem ‘’.
2. Yes there is foreshadowing in this plot arc. One example of foreshadowing occurs when Santiago tells to the gypsy about his dream of the pyramids; ‘’I dreamed that I was in a field with my sheep, when a child
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5. Yes, the ‘’Danger of fear’’ is one of the themes in this book. Fear constantly comes up through Santiago’s journey as the primary obstacle to Santiago’s success in achieving his personal legend. Santiago experiences several forms of fear, for example:
‘’ It was also said that they had a pact with the devil, and that they kidnapped children and, taking them away to their mysterious camps, made them their slaves. As a child, the boy had always been frightened to death that he would be captured by Gypsies, and this childhood fear returned when the old woman took his hands in hers.’’ (12)
A childhood fear of having a gypsy woman interpret his dream, the physical fear of dying in the battle at Al-Fayoum; and the spiritual fear that he will fail to turn himself into the wind, etc. Santiago’s mentor, the alchemist expresses disapproval of fear, so he compares it to materialism, and he describes it as a product of misunderstanding of how the universe treats those pursuing their personal Legend. In the case of those who set aside fear, they become fear dominates. For example, the crystal merchant in particular represents someone who allowed fear to rule his life. Eventhough his religion requires a trip to mecca, he fears that once he arrives, the place will turn auto to be a disappointment, but also once he accomplish that goal, he will have nothing to

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