The Agro Industrial Venture Of Africa Essay

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Staying with my choice of entrepreneurial venture mentioned in discussion 1 of this week - the agro-industrial venture in Africa - I will use my organization to illustrate how I would go about building a creative and high performance culture, using the CREATIVE model.
First, the mission of our organization is to “help fight hunger and malnutrition in Africa by demonstrating improved farming practices, and encouraging young people to become agro-industrial entrepreneurs.” We have set up an agro-industrial complex to cultivate, process and market a handful of critical crops. In about 3 years, it will become the training arm of the business and entrepreneurship training institute aimed at training agro-industrial entrepreneurs in line with the company mission. As a backdrop for the examples that will follow below, the emphasis in the realisation of this mission is two-fold: Encourage entrepreneurship in the agro-industrial sector, and help reduce malnutrition by increasing the stock and quality of available food items through produced by the graduate entrepreneurs.

Customer focus
In his article, Newman (2009) suggested that “Without true customer insight, an invention is just that an invention, not an innovation…[and that] Traditional R&D management and organizations have tended to seclude R&D professionals away from customers and have often been reluctant to push for customer contact.” Our company has a small R&D department run by one of the four entrepreneur-trainees. We…

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