The Age Old Question Rises Again Essay

1028 Words Jun 21st, 2016 5 Pages
In pop culture, teenagers are often portrayed as rebellious, disobedient, and uncontrollable. This behavior sometimes replicates itself in real life among real teenagers, and many parents try everything in their power to curb such dangerous behavior; grounding, taking away electronics, and long lectures are just a few techniques a parent may use. When none of this works and the safety of teenagers are brought into question, the age-old question rises again: do curfews, both parent given and government issued, keep teens out of trouble? I attend a private boarding school where students are given times that they must be back inside of their dormitories. Many students have pushed for later check-in hours, pushes that have been met with a strong “no” from the heads of student life. The students that will not take no for an answer take it into their own hands and sneak out of the dorms at night. Those who are caught outside of the dorms past check-in hours are put on restrictions for the rest of the semester. Some may argue that the punishment is too harsh and unfair, and that such violations only deserve a slap on the wrist, but there is one undeniable fact: in our dorms, we are safe from the outside and anything that could potentially harm us. By sneaking out, one is not just breaking their trust between faculty members but putting their own well-being at risk. While our campus is relatively safe and has security patrolling the grounds every hour of the day, being outside…

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