The Age Of Technology: People Vs. Cell Phones

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People vs Cell Phones: Cell Phones are Winning
Technology is almost everywhere in the world. People have become so used to the advancements of technology that it has become an integral part of their lives. Many people have even coined the era in which these advancements have been made as the “Age of Technology.” With technology quickly advancing, many researchers have wondered if the “Age of Technology” spells disaster for future generations. Though technology has some positive effects, advanced communication technologies such as cellphones have had negative impacts on the millennial and succeeding generations.
Millennials are defined as people born during the 1980s, meaning that they bore witness to the rapid changes like the cellphone, the
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This bad prioritizing has led many millennials and minors to having a dependence on their phones. The growing urge to call, text, and check Facebook statuses has led to less people communicating face to face, especially between family members. Sherry Turkle, who directs the MIT Initiative on Technology and Self, argues that people would rather text and instant message than call people on the phone. She even interviews a young girl named Audrey about her life with a cellphone. Audrey explains how inattentive her mother can be when she picks up Audrey from sports practice. Audrey describes how “Her mother sits in her beaten-up SUV, immersed in her cell, and doesn’t even look up until Audrey opens the car door. Her mother . . . will make eye contact but remain engrossed with her phone. ‘Like, it could have been four days since I …show more content…
Teens now-a-days are so dependent on their phones that cellphones have become a major distraction in their daily lives. Mary Eastham, a community representative on the Board of ACROSS Te Kotahitanga O Te Wairua, discusses in her essay, “Healing the Wounded Adolescent”, how cellphones have affected the way adolescents communicate with their parents. She argues that “The cellphone seemed more like an appendage to their bodies than a tool of a communication. It is with them at all times—day and night, disturbing their concentration on important tasks during the day, and their sleep at night.” To put into simpler words, teens have become so attached to their phones that they cannot function without having their cellphones. Not only teens, but the millennial generation is becoming attached too. Furthermore, Pew Research Center reported that 13 percent of young Americans have used their phones to avoid interacting with the people around them. Pew Center’s research confirms that increased usage of the cell phone has caused many Americans to become less social. A teenage girl who Turkle interviews also had the same case in which she uses her phone to communicate rather than talking to someone face to face. In the interview it is explained that, “[Audrey] she’s one of Elaine’s shy friends who prefers talking to texting. She is never without her phone, sometimes using it

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