The Age Of Orphans By Laleh Khadivi Essay

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The world is an amazing place with amazing people; people who sacrifice morals, rights and lives for the sake of power and prestige and greatness and renown– pursuing them as though they are their own lives running from them and they must capture them at all costs.
Laleh Khadivi 's The Age of Orphans (set in Iran) recounts the enduring story of these amazing people and those who suffer under their greatness hunt, focusing on the loss of identity and the effects of forced assimilation through the life and ventures of one fictional but legitimate Reza Pejman Khourdi. The main sufferers are the Kurds; indigenous peoples of the Middle East (primarily mountainous regions of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria) who remain one of the world’s largest ethnic groups without a state and whose existence spanning centuries has been marked by marginalization and manipulation, persecution and betrayal, murder and assault, opposition and oppression and robbery and denial for centuries because they incessantly sought and still seek greater autonomy or complete independence within these regions (Abdulla; Barkley; Cook; Marshall; O’Sullivan). They are seen as the reason behind the historic failures and weakness of the Persian empire in its quest for prestigious repute:
...1795, the Qajars come to power, a dynasty weak and irresponsible that empties the treasury for their luxury-loving endeavors and our once mighty and proud Persia is forced to offer concession all around: our tobacco to Russia,…

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