The Advertising Hall Of Fame Essay

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Awarded for Work in Advertising It was not too long after their passing that Resor and Lansdowne Resor were inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame. In 1967, both Resor and Lansdowne Resor’s accomplishments in advertising and philanthropy were noted and celebrated. For Lansdowne Resor, this feat of a woman being inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame should be noted, but what is more interesting is the couple being inducted. At the time, Resor and Lansdowne Resor were the only couple to be inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame together. This sets the power couple apart from other dynamic couples in advertising.
Lansdowne Resor’s Major Campaigns for J. Walter Thompson Company Lansdowne Resor’s advertising campaigns required their own section as she created some very notable advertisements that gained national attention during a time of change for not only women, but for women in advertisements. Lansdowne Resor is best known for her contributions of bringing back testimonial advertisements and implementing celebrity endorsements and sex appeal into advertisements. Some of her more notable campaigns include Woodbury Facial Soap, Lux Soap, and Pond’s Cream among many that Lansdowne Resor worked on during her time at J. Walter Thompson Company.
Woodbury Facial Soap This is advertising campaign is arguably one of the higher points in Resor and Lansdowne Resor’s careers. In a speech by Resor, he details the process of the campaign and how it was innovative…

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