The Advent Of The Digital Era Essays

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Humanity has successfully repeated another one of its most reliable cycles. It all starts with a piece of revolutionary technology; new possibilities begin to unveil themselves after a few clever updates and uses. Yet even as the vast majority find promise in the new tech, critics never fail to spout their condemnations. From books to television, they have been consistent in their efforts to prevent automation. The advent of the digital era has ushered in the next wave of critics. In hindsight, we see just how valuable the new pieces of tech have been every time. Despite the doomsday predictions, humanity finds itself better off with each new era. Does this mean that it’s safe to disregard the new batch of naysayers as a miscalculated group of luddites? If their predictions are correct, and technology is actually making it harder for us to be capable or to think well, absolutely not. If history is anything to go off of, absolutely yes. Of all the arguments made by the naysayers, a common theme tends to question what technologies effect on the human mind will be. For example, Plato warned that written word will cause forgetfulness. A more modern tech critic, Nicholas Carr, believes that technology is severely limiting our ability to concentrate. He fears that “the Net seems to be… chipping away at my capacity for concentration and contemplation” (315). This fear is nothing new, and many advocates for technological expansion have pointed this out. “People always see the…

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