The Advantages Of Homeschooling Vs. Public School

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Threatened safety. Bullies. Violence. Each of these has the possibility of occurring whether a student attends public school or takes part in homeschooling. Both systems of schooling are used throughout the world as beneficial ways of education. Public school is a method of schooling that allows students to learn with many other peers in a school building. Homeschooling is a system of schooling that allows students to remain at home, but still complete their educations in the same amount of time as students in public school. Both public schooling and homeschooling have many advantages as well as disadvantages, but they are still two schooling options that provide excellent education to students.
Public school teaches students many valuable
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Students who attend public school spend large portions of their days in the same building. They are not allowed very many breaks throughout the day, and have very limited passing periods. In large schools, the number of students per teacher is substantially larger, causing one-on-one teaching to become harder to achieve. Large schools do not permit students with the correct amount of attention and student-to-teacher time that they need. School also begins very early in the morning; first period classes begin anywhere from seven-thirty to nine in the morning. Not every school serves breakfast, either; breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and if students are unable to eat at home or at school, they may not function very well throughout the school day. Though schools claim to have healthy lunches, many of the meals served at public schools are very unhealthy and sometimes inedible, as well as …show more content…
They complete all or most of their schoolwork at home on a fairly flexible schedule. When asked about homeschooling, James Dothager stated that she enjoys it more than public school because “it gives [him] freedom to do schooling while being able to have a job to support [himself] and [he] can work more [independently] than in public school.” Homeschooled students have more time to spend with their families because they do not spend five days a week at a school building. Homeschooled students tend to have better connections with their families, especially their parents. Parents who choose to teach their children have an opportunity to learn as much as the students do. Families who choose to do homeschooling have the option of going on a vacation when public schools are still in session (“Benefits”). In many public schools, in order to take a vacation during school days, certain forms must be filled out and signed by the parents, the students, and the teachers before homework can be given to complete during the vacation. Home schooled students have the advantage of joining their families on trips almost anytime they want

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