The Advantages of Brain Based Learning Essay

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The Advantages 1

The Advantages of a Brain Based Learning Environment
Kristen Smyrnios
PSY370 Learning and the Brain
Instructor: Rochelle Kilmer
March 3, 2011

The Advantages 2
Brain –based learning is a comprehensive new approach to teaching by using research that has been conducted on the brain and by using the study of neuroscience. Brain-based learning emphasis how the human brain learns naturally the way it was intended. Brain-based learning is based upon what scientist currently knows about the function and structure of the brain at different developmental stages. Using the most current research and educational techniques that are brain friendly provide a biologically driven framework that will create
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This calls for dramatic changes in the way education organizes formal training of teaching. Since science has proven that the human brain works naturally on select principles, can it actually learn through instruction? Yes, every day, worldwide learner develops new skills and knowledge which is based upon a brain compatible model of instruction. Brain-based education is about knowing why one strategy is used over another. The science of Brain-based education is based upon what is known about how the brain works. It is best to use research based practices when implementing Brain-based education. Keep in mind, the brain is involved in everything we do at school, so to ignore the brain would be very irresponsible for both students and educators. (Jensen, E. (2008) Brain –Basel Learning, Corwin Press)

The Advantages 5 Brain –based learning has been called a combination of both science and common g science. In 1983, the brain was known as the “organ of Learning”, it was advocated that we should learn more about the brain in order to design a more effective learning environments. In 1991, Caine and Caine developed twelve principles that apply what has been found out about the functions of the brain to teaching and learning. These twelve principles were made from the explorations of many disciplines and are the framework in teaching methodology. The twelve principles are as follows. 1. “The brain is a

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