The Administration Of Fice Of Regulation Policy And Management

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Each era in time that a change took place on how to best administer veterans’ benefits came from the government trying to better what was already in place. Now instead of Congress or some other government agency deciding what is best, Congress has given certain powers to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to administer laws that provide benefits and other services to veterans and their beneficiaries . Some of the powers afford to the VA by congress under administrative laws is the power to create regulations. A regulation is a statement of policy issued by the VA that is used to implement the will of Congress . Regulations are the gap-fillers that provide a specific direction when there are areas left in legislation that need a guide. They can also provide details on how to act and what to do under the law .
For the formulation and enforcement of VA regulations r the VA the Office of Regulation Policy and Management is in charge. The mission of this office is to provide management and control for the formulation and control of all VA regulations , and to provide a secretary-level focal point for the comprehensive review, reorganization and rewrite of VA 's existing regulations . The Regulation Management department located under the Office of Regulation Policy and Management is responsible for the VA’s rulemaking process. This process is importance because regulations that govern rulemaking work hand in hand with how a claim making its way through the VA is supposed…

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