The Achievement Habit By Mr. Bernard Roth

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Your Reasons Are Bullshit All college students have been late to class at least once, what was their reasoning? Their alarm did not go off, they thought it was Friday,or did they not do their homework? Mr. Bernard Roth, author of, “The Achievement Habit: Stop Wishing, Start Doing, and Take Command of Your Life” effectively uses Aristotle’s Rhetorical Triangle in his argument in Chapter two as he uses ethos, pathos, and logos to show that reasons are bullshit.
Ethics sounds easy, right? Can students even trust this Roth guy? Yes, yes they can! Roth studied at Stanford College, as well as taught at the D school. Pretty wise guy! Roth came up with a little joke that he used to use with his colleagues at the D School. Anytime one of them
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It kinda hurts one's feelings to know that Roth has all their excuses and reasons figured out. He knows they do not have a family emergency, they just did not do their homework. College students are just lazy and it all comes down to laziness.In an article called “Stage of life in college” (PTP). It even states that college students are at a 56% graduation rate within 6 years due to laziness. In students hectic lives of no time, they need reasons to cover the fact that they are tired and did not get the task done. In some ways Roth shows empathy for them because obviously he has used the same reasons they have as to why their homework is not done. Students cannot give bullshit reasons, they need to say what they mean. Who is stopping them from doing that but themselves? Roth says “It comes down to the difference between trying and doing” (Roth 58). He's right! Students want to tell their teacher that they had all the time in the world but just did not do it, but instead they make up some bullshit reason that their internet was not working the night before. Professors have no time for bullshit …show more content…
Luckily he is not their professor. Hard work is the key here. Students should not give professors bullshit reasons, they should just do their task and be done with it! Roth says that hard work is his “Most productive technique.” (Roth 81). If students are tired of all these old tricks like the professors are. They should just give it up and do their homework so they do not have to make work up. Students should make sure to not only use this in school, but in life and trust Roth for himself has been where they are and has seen the professor side of it all. Students can not let oneself down by holding things off and making excuses. Their reasons should never be

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