The Accomplishment Of Natural Growth Essay

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Never see your parents? Always feel like you have nothing to do in your days? You may be apart of the accomplishment of natural growth. According to Annette Lareau (p. 154), working-class families use the accomplishment of natural growth where they tend to raise their children with more concern about their safety and don’t take into account their thoughts. “… They tell their children what to do rather than persuading them with reasoning.” In contrast, you may be the person that parent(s) raised them using the concerted cultivation technique. “Organized activities, established and controlled by mothers and fathers, dominate the lives of middle-class children…” (Lareau p. 153). You always have something to do and your life is pretty much structured. From the sports you participate in to the family dinners every night. Me, raised by a single working-class parent, was raised differently from my interviewee. My father was an immigrant when I was growing up, coming from Jamaica. Unlike my mother, he never got the chance to graduate high school. Because he didn’t graduate, he had a hard time finding a job and was forced to take over the family business as a corner storeowner and landlord. Although he was in my life mentally, physically he wasn’t because he resided in New York while I lived in Pennsylvania with my mother. My mother, a mother of four, worked as a home health care provider all her life, making less than $30,000 a year. However, my mother was fortunate enough to…

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