The Abc Model Of Crisis Intervention Essay

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The ABC Model of Crisis Intervention is a three step process used as a tool for helping a patient out of crisis and into a safer place mentally. A – Developing and maintaining Contact. B – Indentifying the problem and therapeutic interaction. C – Coping. These three steps guide a provider to build a relationship, assess the crisis and help the client work through their immediate issues while developing a plan and short term treatment that relieves the crisis situation.
A – Developing and maintaining contact is the first step in a crisis situation. This requires the provider to assess the crisis by initially developing a relationship with the client. The client, or anyone, is not going to allow someone they don’t feel comfortable with, someone they don’t trust or someone that they don’t feel is actively engaged in them, aid in their treatment. This part of the model requires building a rapport between the client and counselor. This can be achieved by the counselor being actively engaged with the client and listening, asking pertinent questions from what is being said and the body language of the client. The counselor must genuinely listen to what the client says, and paraphrase back to the client what they heard. The counselor must be able to show empathy or be able to reflect the client’s feelings back effectively. Eventually the counselor summarizes what they have gathered from the client to the client. B – Indentifying the problem and therapeutic interaction is…

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