The, A Man With High Authority Because Of Being W. Brady 's Coming Apart

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Murry, a man with high authority because of being W. H. Brady Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, coauthor of “The Bell Curve” (1994) and author of “Coming Apart” analyzes the idea that too many people are going to college in his article “Are too many people going to college?” His title and job status provides an authority and ethos to his appeal. The question is, how could too many people go to college? In the eyes of the world, it is a necessity. Thus creating a strong sense of pathos in the audience which is all of the students and those who are planning to attend college all around the world. Not only does the idea of too many people in college come as a shock to the billions of high school seniors who are starting to apply for college but also to those who are getting ready to attend, already attending and those who plan to come back for further education, as well. In the human mindset going to college is a part of life that you need to complete in order to have a successful life, but this isn’t necessarily the case all the time.
Therefore, in this circumstance, the main point of persuasion is to only go to college if you absolutely think it is necessary for your job, not based on what the standards of America want you to believe. The best point of logos would be when he states “As the SAT score that is associated with a 65 percent chance of getting at least a 2.7 grade point average in college during freshman year…score that only about 10 percent of American…

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