The 3D Printing Industry: Autodesk And Stratasys

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Everything has a cost. The world revolves on an axis of money. Although this has an evil overtone, it gives capital market analysts their job. They are in charge of helping clients, or investors, know when to buy/sell their shares in the stock market. Besides helping them with stocks, a capital market analyst makes several presentations and proves they have a standing relationship with the bank. Before helping the investors know when to buy and sell, they must help them decide what to invest in. There are several different long-term investment tactics that a capital market analyst may use. One strategy they may use is investing in a stock and industry that their client can understand. If the client has no knowledge in the industry, …show more content…
In 2012, many investors bought the 3D printing stocks, but then sold them off because there was no immediate payback. The sell off made the stock value decrease dramatically. Those investors failed to realize the long-term gain the stock. The 3D printing industry has made tremendous advancements within the last decade; they have been able to print various items to help several industries from the manufacturing to the health industry. The industry is predicted to grow considering the growth of technology and will be considered a solid long-term investment. When looking at the industry, two specific stocks to invest in are Autodesk and Stratasys. Autodesk focuses on 3D printing and other various softwares. They focus on softwares that help the 3D printing process including AutoCad, Sketchbook, Homestyler, and others; they have built these other programs to help prevent other industries economic downturns from affecting their company. Instead of working on the printer itself, this company, Autodesk, is focused on the software. In the next five years, Autodesk is predicted to grow 16.85%. Another solid 3D printing stock to invest in is Stratasys. This company is more focused on the actual printing rather than the actual software behind the printing. They work with different companies to help solve the issues they are encountering; they solve them by designing and printing off a product to help them. They work with almost every industry. Stratasys is predicted to grow by 15% within the next five years. Much like the pharmaceutical industry, investors need to watch out for competition, patents, and research. First off, the company invested in must be able to compete if not outshine their competitors in the industry. If the company invested in cannot compete, then they will not be their stock will not be the one earning the money. Second, there are

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