Annotated Bibliography: 3D Printers

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Annotated Bibliography

The future will be shaped with the technology which makes the largest impact on the economy. 3D printers are going to be “that piece of technology” to change and mold the way to the future. The printers are already starting to impact the way facilities are able to produce their products. One of the largest benefits of facilities using the 3D printers is, there is no to minimal waste of the material. By not using extra material and having to reprocess it saves money for the company thus reducing the cost for the consumer for the product. 3D printers are not just for large corporations the prices for the 3D prints have dropped in recent years allowing the “average person” to be able to have access or to be able to own
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The author want the reader to know what the benefits of the 3D printer are, he even acknowledges the fact that the printers do use fossil fuels as the material, but it only uses what it needs to and the machine can be used to create “green” products for nature. He also covers the medical purposes it can have, the author does really well to cover every aspect the way the 3D printer can impact the world. The main goals is for the author is to inform the world about the opportunities the 3D printer has, and also covers business opportunities to help develop the machines. This book covers all the bases, allowing me to possibly use as a source in every part of the paper. All the information is accurate, he does have his souses listed at the end of the book making the information reliable and easily accessible for the reader to check up on the sources. All the information is true and does agree with what others think about the topic. The author writes the book in a way that anyone can read and understand the concepts of the book, due to the experience of the writer from practice from his other books. This book was published in 2012, and the information is still just as strong as the information

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