The 30 Day Mortality And Readmission Data Website Essay

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Review the 30-Day Mortality and Readmission Data website. Review at least two local hospitals and see how they compare to state and national benchmarks. How and why may a consumer or a health care professional use this data to make decision about their next hospitalization? Will reporting this data have an impact on hospitals bottom line in addition to financial penalties from CMS? Give at least two examples of how this data may be used and what type of impact if may have if at all on the hospitals.
Comparison was done on two hospitals in NJ. Overlook Medical Center (OMC) and Robert Wood Johnson university Hospital (RWJUH). Both hospitals are acute care facilities emergency services. Able to receive and track results electronically and uses outpatient and inpatient safe surgery checklist. RWJUH received 3 stars and OMC received 2 stars for patient survey. Overall rating is better for OMC than RWJUH. 30-day readmissions and death by medical condition is reviewed at national level and between the two hospitals. National rate of readmissions for COPD patients are 20%. Both hospitals are at the same as national rate. Out of 4645 hospitals 30 hospitals were netter than national rate, and out of 65 hospitals in NJ 1 hospital was better than national rate. National death rate for COPD is 8% and both were same as national rate. 57 hospitals were better than national rate in US and 2 hospitals were better than national rate in NJ. In heart attack and heart failure, both were…

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