The 21st Century Learning And Teaching Essay

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It can be seen in today 's ever changing education system and society that is crucial to consider factors that may be contributing to this shift. First, it is important to consider a definition of 21st-century learning and by doing so how this can impact your teaching overall, then by key features in traditional education. These features in traditional education can be seen to be less supportive of today 's 21st century like education. Next is new practices in the current 21st-century education such as the meaning of knowledge. Finally, factors that are overall contributing to educational change such as globalisation and social changes. In short, this essay will cover many factors that are contributing to education overall in today 's 21st-century learning and teaching.
Defining 21st-century learning and teaching is a hard task as there is not just one definition that perfectly defines it. Bolstad, Gilbert, McDowell, Bull, Boyd & Hopkins, 2012 defines 21st-century learning as a collection of new ideas, beliefs, knowledge, theories and practices which can be seen in schools and classrooms. From this definition, it can be seen that the main aims in 21st-century learning and teaching are the importance to create new ideas, beliefs, knowledge, theories and practices. Hence it is evident that defining 21st-century teaching and learning can be difficult, as teaching and learning in the 21st century constantly change, Thus, by clearly having a definition of 21st-century teaching…

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