Essay on Thanksgiving Dinner : A Family Event

2287 Words Dec 5th, 2016 10 Pages
Thanksgiving dinner in my family is a big deal all our family and friends gather around to celebrate. There is always plenty of food, drinks, music and laughter. My family is loud, crazy and not afraid to voice their opinions so there is always drama at every dinner or family event. I chose to write on this because I never payed attention to detail or interactions at these dinners like why the women cook? Or why it is important that we are all together. I also chose to write on this because I want to know how culture and traditions are incorporated at our thanksgiving dinner. I never noticed any of this because I’m so used to it always being the same like a routine at each dinner. The event took place at my aunt Maria’s home on November 24th 2016 and was an all-day event. I chose to write on our Thanksgiving dinner because it is a family event where we come together to give thanks and celebrate our bond as a family. I also chose to write on our different groups in my family and how each was incorporated into preparing the dinner. I explained to them my project and then I stayed on the side to not get in the way and I observed them randomly and I tried to be secretive so they wouldn’t feel awkward or changed what they were doing. Although my family was very helpful and understanding of my project I still had a problem because it was hard just to observe and not be involved in the event. Even though it was very difficult I stayed out of the event and did my research and…

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