Texting And Social Media Has Done Nothing But Ruined Standard English?

1382 Words Oct 29th, 2015 6 Pages
How many times have you been told that technology- texting, email, or social media- has done nothing but ruin Standard English? For me, I couldn’t count on both hands how many times I have been told that texting and social media have ruined spelling, grammar, and multiple others. Also, I have heard that technology could be helping literacy. This topic is controversial for many people, they are on either side of the spectrum. I have made it my goal to find evidence that gave some truth to the topic. When I first read about this topic, I was unsure what side I was on. The reasons I thought technology was ruining SE was: there was less concern for spelling and grammar, due to spell check, there is less concern for informal and formal communication, and the use of text speaks enter the society. Although, I know all of the items I listed above do happen, I am curious to see how relevant they are. Less concern for spelling and grammar due to spellcheck and autocorrect, definitely play a major role in today’s society. Why worry about spelling if the computer or mobile phone will underline or fix the mistake for you? How informal and formal communication has suffered is an interesting view. People have gone from face to face communication with peers and professors, to sending professors emails, to eventually texting the professor if there is a problem, and technology is to blame. I hear more and more text speak enter everyday conversation, and I am an advocate of it as well.

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