Essay about Textbook and Business Model

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When it comes to looking for e-businesses on the internet, there are thousands to choose from. I found there to be many different kinds of e-businesses. Some only meant for the internet, some that were e-businesses that also have locations that you can visit. Yet there are some that were originally brick and mortar type stores that opened an e-business version of their stores or became a primarily online e-business. Out of all the e-businesses I saw online, there were few that I saw that were really able to be analyzed effectively and yet be fairly unknown by others in the class. One I found really interesting that I have noticed that few other students really know about is, a young and growing
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The first element to review for Chegg is ‘Value Proposition’. According to the textbook, the questions we should ask is “Why should the customer buy from me?” (Traver p 67). Chegg has one simple purpose: to help college students. They do this in two different ways: they give an alternative to college students by allowing them to rent textbooks from them for a low price and they will buy some books that college students are willing to sell. In this situation, college students across the nation are the customers (the primary ones at least, I am sure others who are not in college use the service from time to time). The whole reason that college students should use is the same reason we all decide on certain services: money. College students are known for being short on money due to the fact that going to college is expensive. When using this service, college students can save $500 or more a year, according to Not only do college students save money by renting textbooks, they can be green and help save trees, as with no demand for textbooks to be printed means less paper being also donates a tree for every book rented from their services. By using this service, students can avoid the hassle of having to find room to store all of their used books or having to sell them back to get a little bit of money. The service Chegg offers saves them plenty of money and takes away the need to store

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