Texas Penny Tax Case Study

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In today’s society, an internet connection is a precious commodity that enables the population to communicate with one another, access information, and work. Without an internet connection, people and business cannot compete in today’s world. Likewise, it is important for Texas to develop a better telecommunication infrastructure. Historically, Texas has done a decent job supporting the development of the telecommunications infrastructure. For example, “In 1995, the Legislature created the Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund Board who raised $1.75 billion; and funded more than 11,000 grants to assist educational institutions and healthcare centers establish telecommunication projects …” (Telecommunication Board). However, some political actors did not agree with the idea of funding the telecommunications fund and pushed to abolish the board. If one compares how the Texas government is dealing with the issue and how the national government is dealing with the issue; Texas is not doing a good job compared to the national government, because the state of Texas does not have a telecommunications fund. Instead, they have left the job to money hungry business. As a solution, Texas should create a penny tax to help fund the telecommunications infrastructure because it will benefit the people, the economy and the job market.
From 1995 to 2003 Texas did a good job in
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They can review the idea to see if it could actually work. The main opposition that the idea may face is that people who already have an internet connection may not want to pay the penny tax. However, the tax would benefit more people than it would hurt after all it is just a penny tax. Another way to help spread the message and increase support would be to use social media. If thousands of people joined the cause then a political actor could see the message, which could help the idea become a

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