Tetanus And Whooping Cough Are Preventable Essay

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In mid-December, a measles outbreak started at Disneyland, in Orange County, California. That outbreak has now infected one hundred people in California, and twenty-five people in other states across America. With this outbreak and others that occurred recently, there were over six hundred measles cases in 2014. Before this outbreak, the average number of measles cases in the United States annually was approximately 100 (Corum). In 2014, California also had the highest amount of whooping cough cases in sixty years. Nationally, 2014 had thirty percent more cases of whooping cough than 2013 (Dickson). Both measles and whooping cough are preventable by vaccines. Vaccinations have saved 132,000 lives in the past twenty years, and yet one in five children under the age of five do not have all of the recommended vaccines for their age (Refusing). All parents must vaccinate their children because not vaccinating puts people with compromised immune systems or people ineligible for vaccines in danger, puts their children in danger, and reintroduces diseases that would otherwise be eliminated.
Immunocompromised individuals, people with compromised immune systems, are people who cannot fight infections because their immune response does not work correctly. This includes people with HIV or AIDS and people currently undergoing or having recently undergone radiation therapy or chemotherapy to fight cancer. HIV/AIDS disables cells in the body, leaving them unable to fight foreign…

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