Essay about Testing Should Not Be Standardized Testing

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Standardized Testing There has been a push for standardized testing in elementary schools to improve the performance of students. High test scores demonstrate that the school is effective in teaching, while low test scores make the schools and teachers look as though they are not teaching the students properly. Teachers are feeling pressured to maintain a high standard in the classroom as a result teacher’s are drilling test curriculum into students. The one size fits all standards and curriculum result in many students and teachers feeling stressed every time they step into the classroom. Standardized testing may seem beneficial to predict student performance however Drilling curriculum into students has become an everyday practice in schools across the United States. Standardized tests cover certain topics which gives teachers specific instructions on what they need to teach. It also creates a high goal for the teachers, which is to help the students to pass with high scores. This process may seem beneficial to many because it sets a high standard for teachers and students to succeed based on the curriculum of the test. However, the test is so important to the future of our teachers, schools, and students, helping students to pass the test becomes the most important part of schooling. This restricts the educators from teaching other important subjects and basic fundamentals in life. “Our schools, once vigorous and dynamic centers for learning, have been…

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