Essay about Test Sample Vs. The Benchmark With 98 % Confidence

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Therefore, there is a significant difference between the average scores of the test sample compared to the benchmark with 98% confidence. In this case, the claim can be made that the test sample is statistically superior to the average benchmark by at least (3.25-2)/3.25 = 38.5-% and at most (3.25-2)/2 = 62.5% with 98% confidence.


The main issues found in heuristics #7 and #8 are partially due to the lack of awareness found in the RVCS. Specifically, the problems occur when one member of the group, denoted here as “User A”, needs to make necessary changes to a particular artifact or document, only to find that another group member, denoted here as “User B”, has checked the artifact or document out of the repository. As determined in these last two heuristics, “User A” does not know what “User B” is doing to the document or artifact, nor how long “User B” will have it checked out the repository. The availability of “User B” to consult and communicate with “User A” now becomes an issue. Also, discussed is the necessity to involve the RVCS administrator to reverse the check out if in fact it is an emergency situation. Though these extreme cases cannot be completely solved, a single change that can be made to the functionality of all four of these RVCS will definitely relieve the psychological symptoms and more importantly this particular usability issue of these RVCS. As stated, upon checking the artifact or document back…

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