Organizational Culture Of Tesla

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I want to work for the company Tesla Motors Inc. Their mission is to “accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.” I want to be a part of a company that is always striving to better the world. I believe that renewable energy sources are the future and should start to be heavily implemented more in our modern day society. Tesla’s goal is to transition the world from relying on fossil fuels and move toward a zero emission future. Tesla is changing the way we see these alternatives to make them more desirable over their non renewable counterparts. They are much more than just an electric car company they are venturing out into solar panels, batteries to store solar energy, they came out with a new electric super car and an electric big rig. Tesla was founded by a group of engineers that were determined to break the …show more content…
According to The Panmore Institute, Tesla’s organizational culture creates employee proficiency necessary for innovative products in the automotive business. Organizational culture portrays the customs and values that define workers’ behaviors and decision-making. Tesla’s organizational culture encourages its employees to always look for better solutions to, in turn, make Tesla stand out in the automotive industry. Tesla thrives with innovative new ideas and solutions that is why they encourage their employees to constantly brainstorm. Tesla

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