Tesco Internal Analysis

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1.3 Analyse internal and external sources of information and understanding Internal information is refers to the primary information in the organization, for example there are financial information and personnel information. Downward in the flows of information is refers to the higher level are passed to the lower levels. For example, personnel information in organizational perspective is downwards. This is because the top management will set some new training programs for the employees of Tesco to learn new skills and also give training to all staff so that can get a better customer service from employees to customers. So, this may improve the organization service skills. All staff must involve and follow in new training programs. Besides, …show more content…
For example, customers of Tesco can assess to the Tesco online shopping when they wants to purchase in anywhere. Customers no need went to Tesco physical stores to purchase items that they need and this may save customer’s times on queue up in front the payment counter. Therefore, form is refers to text, animation, audio and more. For example, Tesco may use catalogue or advertising billboard which is text form, use advertisement in television which is animation, and use radio channel which is audio form to promote the item in Tesco. This may let Tesco earn profit in their business. Validity is also known as credibility. For example, the catalogue of Tesco must always same with the physical stores, which is mean that the pictures in the catalogue. This is because when customers wants to purchase that item and they could not found then they will went to other hypermarket to purchase.
1.4 Support recommendations for implement Every company will used data collection method to collect information in their organization, which is customer information, financial information, marketing information and sales information, as well as for
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To become a member in Tesco, customers should fill up their particular information in the online form at Tesco website or a sheet of form at the customers service counter. For example, Tesco used Clubcard to collect all customer information. Which mean that Tesco will record all information that what customers has purchase recently in stores. So this may let Tesco send more information such as the promotions, voucher and also coupons to the customer which is the member of clubcard through email or deliver to the customer’s house by using catalogue. This may let customers know more about the recently update information of Tesco and this is also the best way to let Tesco promote their products in an easier way. Besides, Tesco also can send voucher to customers in their birthday month to have discount in what they purchase, this may let customers feel appreciated and also feel that being in a member in Tesco is very beneficial and important. For example, Tesco can send the voucher to the customer’s house by the particular information of the Clubcard that had been written by the

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