Essay about Terry Vs. Michael Pierce

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Terry and Michael Pierce have been married 7 years. They have three children together, and feel as though their life is very stable and structured to fit their family. Some people do not always agree with Terry and Michaels choices of how they live. Terry works full time at big law firm downtown and Michael stays at home with the girls. Terry doesn’t pay attention to the comments her coworkers express to her anymore. She use to get worked up when they would tell her “He is not a real man.” Or “Honey, if you’re going to do it alone then drop him at the curb.” Although, the comments never stopped Terry has chosen to ignore them. She knows that her husband loves her and her children, and their family might not be like the neighbors, but it is what works for them. Women have been marked as the “house wife” or “home maker” since the beginning of time. The term “wife” has become not just a label but a permanent stereotype that has never seemed to be able to progress or grow into anything else. The majority of the public would tell you the definition of a wife involves a good cook, maid, rearing the child, and personal secretary of the family. It is looked at as odd or taboo even to think of the husband in a marriage to possess any of those qualities. A wife is expected to stay at home and raise her children, and if she chooses to go out and pursue a career while her husband stays at home, people feel pity for her because they assume her husband must be lazy or is making her foot…

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