Terry Pratchett's The Wee Free Men

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When a person thinks, sometimes he or she does not always catch on to all that is presented the first time. This is what Terry Pratchett terms “First Thoughts” in his book, The Wee Free Men. First Thoughts are the thoughts initially had, whereas Second Thoughts are the thoughts that have been analyzed and looked over again. In The Wee Free Men, the main character, Tiffany, wants to become a witch and has a certain set of ideas about what a witch’s duties are. The ideas she has are her First Thoughts on what a witch is and does. Tiffany goes on an adventure to save her brother Wentworth, an adventure that can fit in to Joseph Campbell’s Hero Cycle upon further analysis. As the events in Tiffany’s Hero Cycle unfold, we see how she develops …show more content…
After Tiffany encounters the little blue men, the Nac Mac Feegles, they agree to help her save her brother Wentworth. Tiffany is with them out in the fields by an archway made of three stones and is searching for an entrance into Fairyland, which is where Wentworth is being kept by the Queen. Tiffany faces one of her first Tests; she knows that if she is to be a real witch, then she should be able to find the magical entrance to Fairyland. Tiffany suspects the arch is the entryway but does not trust herself. Then, she remembers what Miss Tick and the Nac Mac Feegles have said about witches: how they are more than just magic-users. With the Nac Mac Feegles looking on, Tiffany, “hesitated and then thought: I can feel myself thinking. I’m watching the way I’m thinking. And what am I thinking? I’m thinking: I walked through this arch before, and nothing happened. But I wasn’t looking then. I wasn’t thinking, either. Not properly” (Pratchett 204). At this moment, Tiffany begins to understand the value of Miss Tick’s description of witches. For the first time, she sees how her special talents are more than just potentially being able to do magic. Tiffany has the ability to see the world clearly and to think everything over in a way that others would not be able to. Despite Tiffany’s first revelations, she still has much to learn. After Tiffany has entered Fairyland, she encounters a drome, a lump-like gray thing that hangs around and traps people in dreams until they die. The Nac Mac Feegles rescue Tiffany from the drome and explain the creature’s dangers and purpose. Tiffany then flashes back to a memory of Granny Aching and how she said it was always a person’s duty to watch out for those who cannot watch out for themselves. Tiffany thinks, “Is this what being a witch

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