Al Qaidah Role Model

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The terrorist organization founded by Osama bin Laden traces its roots to veterans left behind the 1979 Afghan struggle in opposition to any invasion by the Soviet Union (USSR).
The aftermath developed into a turning point that has cultivated much pent-up antagonism to serve as the basis in driving this global Islamist terrorist movement.
This mastermind orchestrated terrorist attacks like that of the United States’ World Trade Center and Pentagon by means of several civil aviation planes on September 11, 2001.
Sources of religious extremism were centralized into that of anti-Western sentiment preventing any kind of meaningful conclusion to ever be reached.
Al Qaeda 's extreme Salafist ideology fostered a violent discourse that led to the indoctrination a generation of radical individuals of Muslim descent
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Its perseverance and adaptation owing to its tremendously speckled presence in cells around the planet makes it something that continue being the worst threat to global security in this century.
The objectives of Al Qaida were propelled by the United States of America’s invasion and occupation of Iraq and military presence in Afghanistan is owing to the wars of which solidified Bin Laden’s message onto an ideologically and operational level.
This led to the manipulation of concerned locals in Iraq until Sunni tribes decided to work with U.S. forces in opposed of al-Qaeda in Iraq’s ranks that have killed off its citizens or non-fighters in an indiscriminate manner.
Al-Qaida was directly associated in having committed, “a series of acts of terrorism: the truck bombings of American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania On August 7, 1997, that killed 236 people…followed by a suicide bombing attack against the USS Cole that killed seventeen American soldiers” (p.

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