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As mentioned and referred Kashmir, Al-Qaida is expanding the operations from this platform and there hidden units in the state.
Al Qaeda – the Arabic meaning of the term is THE BASE. The organisation started growing with the dense network of Arab volunteers who migrated to Afghanistan in the eighties to protest under the flag of Islam against the soviets. This organisation stands on a solid platform of unbreakable religious beliefs and extreme rigidness. These volunteers confuse terrorism with a religious war and misguide the new recruit to the extent of sacrificing their lives in the name of religion.
At the time of protest, jihad bin laden and his fighters gained funding from America. Some researchers think that laden himself has specialised
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the organisation relies on areas where law and order conditions are weaker and where the organisation can operate without hurdles.as we have mentioned the terrorism activities in the state of Kashmir, we can easily say that the dispute is majorly between India and Pakistan but the terrorist groups are from Somalia, Yemen regions and most of them are hired. There was a misconception earlier that most of the terrorists belong to the Pakistani armed forces but this an evident fact that this is al-Qaida, doctoring the …show more content…
Osama bin laden founded the al-Qaida in the year 1979 for the Arabian fighters. Even after a massive military operation in Afghanistan, he was still absconding for many years. He has been on air and was projected as the figure head of al-Qaida. Osama bin laden was the head and the man behind the suicide hijackings and various other attacks on the United States in September 2011. He was believed to be the major part of the US embassy bomb attack in 1998.there was a video released during the elections in October 2004 which presented him warning America of the new

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