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MIS (Spring 2007) Information Systems Theory and Practice

Professor: Professor Jason C.H. Chen, Ph.d.
Class time: Tuesday (February 27 – June 16)
E-mail: chen@jepson.gonzaga.edu
URL: http://barney.gonzaga.edu/~chen
Office: to be announced
Office hour: to be announced and by appointment
Required text: 1. Pearlson, K.E. and Saunders, C.S, Managing and Using Information Systems, Wiley, 2006 (3nd edition) 2. A package of Harvard Business School Case Studies

Additional Readings and Cases: Class handouts as needed.

Course Description and Goals
This course is designed to provide the current and future managers with understanding and appreciation of the issues that are related to
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These students (the case leaders) will pose questions such as: ▪ What is the competitive situation in which the company finds itself? ▪ What issues are raised in the case? ▪ What is the nature of the problem or opportunity presented in the case? ▪ What do you think the company should do? ▪ What the group recommends. ▪ Update of the company’s situation and advances in technology discussed in the case. (Most of the companies discussed can be found on the WWW. Although you will seldom find "the answer" on the Web, you can find current information about the company.)

The presentation and discussion should take about 40 minutes and leave sometime for Q/A. A hard and soft copies of your powerpoint file must be turned in before your presentations.

The third use of class time will be for “Information Technology Seminars (ITS).” Students (as group) will discuss and present a particular technology--its history, the current state of the technology, future trends, and applicability to the modern organization. Details (presentations, deliverables etc.) and potential topics are suggested and listed on the next page of the syllabus.

You will be graded on your preparation and participation in class discussions, especially when cases are presented. There might be short quizzes prior to some of the case presentations to assess your preparedness.

Internet Resources:
Class materials are available on the my

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