Ten Ways to Think About Writing Essay

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Ten Ways to Think About Writing In high school I was privileged enough to take a college level class called Rising Scholar Composition. The instructor was incredible and didn’t teach only the basics. During the class we studied Greek writings and different styles of composing paragraphs. Although in the reading Reid is saying to eliminate the rules, the rules are there for a reason. To make a great paper one must balance both rules and freedom so one sounds passionate but is still being educational and correct. However, there are so many rules one can get caught up in having a “perfect” paper. “It’s no wonder we get writer’s block, hands poised above the keyboard, worried about all the ways we could go wrong…” (Reid). One of the …show more content…
Rocklein is the primary audience and my classmates are the secondary audience. This mainly is the audience I have written for in the past. Sharing the work in front of the class and talking privately with the teacher about the paper is what I have learned. However, the difference here is that the audience may be more open to creative ways of writing and different styles, not just what the teacher thinks is correct writing. The teacher is experienced but they’re only one body, one mind. It is nice to hear what other creative minds think about your work. One rule I have always been taught is to brainstorm, think about it, then brainstorm some more. Obviously it is always good to plan what you want to write for an essay or important paper. But too often are we stressing about the small things and forgetting to fly by the seat of our pants. The joy in writing or any other artistic development is the details that come unexpectedly. The life around us is the spontaneous inspiration. When you’re caught thinking too much the rules get the best of the work. Reid stated, “try something” over and over (Reid). When one gets stuck they should just keep trying different things and breaking the rules because breaking the rules causes inspiration you might not have found otherwise. In conclusion reading this chapter written by Reid has opened my mind to details I haven’t thought about before. Applying these techniques can be helpful this year when

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