Telling Someone Secrets And You Is An Enormous Risk That Takes A Lot Of Courage And Trust

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Telling someone secrets and to always be there for you is an enormous risk that takes a lot of courage and trust. Generally, that person will feel honored and respect you for whatever you have to say; with no judgment and won 't tell others if asked not to. Well, that isn 't the case for everyone; especially Hanna, who is a very untrustworthy, rage-filled, and counterfeit person. People like Hanna will build up a friendship with anyone if they think they can get something out of it. How they do this is that they will put on a smile and invite you to do things like work on a project or just hang out with them. For four to five months, they will hang out with you and maybe a few other people and learn basic things about you. One day, they will ask to just hang out with you and that 's when they try to pull the secrets out. But not without opening as well to make you feel like it 's safe for you to open up. Hanna, for example, had me over one weekend to go to her Korean school to watch a talent show. The night before I had come over to teach her how to use watercolor and how to paint in general. However, while I was teaching her, she started to tell me some “personal secrets”, which I later found out were fake, and started crying. This led me to believe that if she trusted me, I could trust her, so I opened up to her as well that night. Telling her my darkest secrets and about the break up that I had just gone through with my first love. Not even two weeks later, I found out…

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