Essay on Television Shows Should Not Be Banned

1069 Words May 20th, 2016 5 Pages
Entertainment has always drawn the public in, not matter at what cost. Reality TV is a specific genre of television programming that captures supposebly unscripted real-life situations for entertainment. With everything from “American Idol” to “The Bachelor,” reality TV shows are known for their intense amounts of drama. As principle of this school, I stand in the position to declare that reality TV shows should not be conducted in the proximities of our school. They prompt too much pressure and limited privacy. In addition, the development of stereotypes is destined to occur if our students engage in reality TV shows. Although some people believe that these shows could bring bright prospects for the future to children, the negative outcomes from this decision greatly outweigh the positives. For these reasons, I strongly believe that reality TV shows should not be allowed in our school.
Reality TV shows establish great amounts of pressure and no privacy for our young students. It is thoroughly known that fame at an early age can be harmful and affect their growth into adulthood. With the full exposure of these young children comes great amounts of pressure being scrupulously focused on them. A magazine article entitled “Should Kids Be on Reality TV?” written by Justin O’Neill states that young stars who are constantly hounded by publicity and having every one of their action’s being recorded in tabloids can be difficult for these young stars to cope with. Students are too…

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