Television Programming With Sexual Content Essay

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Television programming with sexual content does have an impact on how teenagers deal with their sexuality. In most programming on today there is sexually explicit content. Teenagers tend to emulate what they see, whether it be fashion, music, drug use or sex by their own admission. Furthermore, the lack of sex education in our society leaves these children with limited sources to get their information. Teenagers admit they are influenced by their peers, who in turn are influenced by these programs.
Television and movies have developed patterns over time. There are the good girls, and the bad girls. The same applies to males in these movies. At one time, scripts went with the
“good” girl becoming the hero. That has changed, now that some young girls are adopting the “bad” girl persona. The bad girl is the one that nabs the guy, at the expense of others, basically running amok doing whatever she feels like doing. The article, “Hollywood’s New Herione: The Skank”, by Brian D. Johnson writes when the character Olive is branded a tramp in the movie Easy A, she turns the stigma into a mark of empowerment. I understand the feminist undertones the author speaks of in these programs and movies being made. Unfortunately, it is sending the wrong message that girl power means I am sexually active.
Television has developed ways of influencing us over the decades without our even realizing that it is happening. Over time television has become a no holds barred window to everything you…

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