Television, Netflix, And Youtube Essay

1162 Words Oct 26th, 2016 5 Pages
In the last week, I have exposed myself to different types of shows surrounding television, Netflix, and YouTube. It is surprising of how different one channel can be from another. The reason it may be so different to me is that I usually have revolved around sports channels and haven’t “broaden my horizons” in a sense. I was just browsing through my TV and YouTube, and the media presented attracts to certain niches. With watching different things like what was currently trending on YouTube or even watching the news channel a person can tell that the commercials are targeted to certain demographics. If these commercials or channels are the determining factors to sway someone’s decision I do not know, but for me, even on my niche of sports, I have not swayed either way to get or think a different way because of media presented.
The big change that I was watching during the week was news. Local and National news pretty much having the same demographics. With shows like Today there were a lot of political commercials during breaks, but also there were also prescription medication commercials and commercials to just improve one’s health. Assuming that, the people they target are older retired people or stay at home parents because it is on in the middle of the day. Also, I watched my local news channel, and again the political commercials were on rapid fire, and they didn’t do anything to sway my decision in the race anyway, so I tried to just ignore them. There was also some…

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