Television Influences The Health And Behavior Of Adolescents Essay

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Television influences the health and behavior of adolescents. Television is describe as an electronic device which deliveries moving images and sound from a source to a receiver (Britannica, 2016). Adolescents’ not only have access of watching live television but have the capability of digital video recording (DVR) service. DVR service allows shows to be downloaded for viewing at a future date and time (, 2016). Television can be a positive or negative learning source. It can also, have an impact on the cognitive process of youth. The cognitive process is vital, it shows the development mental effects of learning and behavior. In order for teens to understand how television can impact their cognitive ability, having an understanding of media literacy provides an understanding of the complex messages received from the media (Draper, Appregilio, &Kramer, 2015). Subliminal messages are sent via shows and advertisements, which adolescents are unaware of. However, because of repetition and not fully understanding the literacy of media, adolescents mimic what they see. Too much exposure to television can have adverse effects and cause delays in an adolescent’s ability to process and make simple rational decisions (Steinberg, 2012). A large majority of parents are unaware and have little concern that television has a major impact on the cognitive process of their children. The brain is underdeveloped throughout later adolescents. The growth of an adolescent…

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