Essay on Television And Its Impact On Society

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Within our society it is seen that what is on television has a large impact on what influences our culture and our society and what we believe in. With the use of such media it is easy for networks to use advertisement to sell specific products to the age group of which it is appealing too, which therefore contributes to the trending factor of which we all know so well. An example of this is from "Humankind 's Ouroboros" by J. Reagan Tankersley, He talks about how Monster movies became popular in the golden Hollywood age and how once the first film came out many people liked it therefore they created more monster movies of which helped to increase the industries profits. By the use of such media and the increase in profits industries have learned over the years how to suck their viewers into watching their shows, by showing them different fantasies of which may appeal to the viewers, therefore also taking a psychological toll on some people by thinking that many of these things are real. Television play such an important role in our society and it is blatantly seen that it has a negative impact on society! It is brainwashing people into thinking that things that happen on the movies are events of which can happen to people all of the time, when in actuality everything that is portrayed on television is fictional and unrealistic.
This in turn shows how much of an impact trends are and how industries use such methods to gain their audience, which in turn we see greatly affects…

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