Teens who Murder, and How they should be Sentenced Essay

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Argumentative Essay #1 August 26, 2013

Teens who Murder, and How they should be Sentenced

Teens who commit murder should be charged as an adult because of their horrific actions. I’ve done some research and found some info about teens that murder, and what the normal charge is for them. But some cases are very horrific, and very unbelievable that people could commit such crazy crimes. From murdering a classmate to shooting a mother and her infant child at point blank range, as well as the psychological aspect of why people murder, let alone why teens murder. Reported online on SkyNewsHD.com the story reads; 16 year old described as a star pupil with “a bright future” killed
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They family spoke out to the Obama Administration to address the gun violence in America, but this story never made it to any top news companies. The 2 Teens involved were found and charged with the death penalty with absolutely no chance of bail. The recent story I researched was very chilling and horrific. Some stories just cause worldwide news teams to be at the scene of the crime. In the next story a foreign exchange student was gunned down by 3 students in Oklahoma. The exchange student was from Australia. He suffered from 15 bullet wounds in the back. All 3 Teens were charged with third-degree murder. In New Mexico, the laws on murder are pretty stiff. For example; when charged with 1st degree murder the sentence is the death penalty with a slight chance of parole, or life with the possibility of parole, or 15 – 20years. But each of these suspects is also ordered to talk/see a Psychologist but not any regular Family or Clinical Psychologist. But what is known as a Criminal Psychologist which studies the reason why people commit murder. But what is found that many people murder due to an anger outrage and/or to get revenge on another individual. I believe that the laws and sentencing of Teens that commit murder should be tougher. For example, on the 1st offense would be 10 – 15 years with parole and counseling. 2nd Offense would be 15 – 25 years with possible parole and counseling. 3rd offense would be life or death with no chance of parole and

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