Essay Teenage Substance Use Among The United States

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Teenage substance use continues to cause major issues in rural areas of the United States. Many community groups and individual citizens put programs into motion to help keep teenagers from abusing drugs. In my hometown teenagers who abuse drugs continues to rise and nobody will step up and take a stand to help prevent teenagers who abuse drugs. Although, some organizations try to lower the rate of substance abuse, we need more solutions to help stop substance abuse. Our Community needs to develop a plan to help decrease teenage substance abuse. Only one organization in our community consistently provides a program to help prevent substance abuse. The Breckinridge County Coalition for Change continues to lead the effort in preventing teenage substance abuse in Breckinridge County. They provide drug test for local businesses and Breckinridge County High School. The Breckinridge County Coalition for Change sponsors the random drug testing at Breckinridge County High School. Every month Breckinridge County High School drug test random students. Only athletes and student drivers participate in the random drug test and not all students participate. For example, any freshmen or sophomore that does not drive or play a sport will never participate in drug testing until they can drive. Although, this helps lower the marijuana or drug use among teenagers, it does contain flaws. For example, if students find out that the school decides to drug test that day, then they leave so they…

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